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The Ginny Valentine Badge of Courage Awards are back and will be held at IIeX in Atlanta on June 16, 2015. The awards were launched in London in 2012 to recognize exceptional bravery in the market research industry, and to honor Ginny Valentine, a research revolutionary. Now in its 4th year, we are looking for new stories of bravery.  These could come from any part of the market research industry, from any country, from someone of any age or gender.  Variety is at the heart of these awards. Last year’s winners were selected for a wide range of brave acts including things like “Supporting Brave Creative Work,” “Courage in the Face of Adversity,” and “Disrupting the industry with the Development of Machine Learning for Analysis Research.”

There is a perception that market research is a conservative industry, but the stories that have already been collected demonstrate the contribution the people in our industry are making to society.  Help us to unearth more awe-inspiring stories that make us proud of what we do. Nomination takes five to ten minutes by going to www.ginnyvalentineawards.com and the deadline for nominations is April 30th.


The Judges

When it comes to recognizing bravery in market research, diversity is a key component. Brands, consultants and agencies may see acts of bravery differently as will researchers from across geographical boundaries. Representing the diversity of the market research industry are this year’s judges for the Ginny Valentine Badge of Courage Awards, taking place at IIex Atlanta on June 16, 2015.

And now, meet the judges!
Roberto Cymrot
Roberto is Group Director of Custom Research at Coca Cola (US). Roberto Cymrot is Knowledge & Insights Group Director at Coca-Cola North-America, where he leads the team that manages custom research across all brands in the U.S.  A natural of Brazil, Roberto has over 15 years of research experience, having worked at Colgate-Palmolive, Reckitt Benckiser, and Nielsen.  His experience spans domestic and international roles, including Latin America and Eurasia.

Ashley Chauvin
Ashley is currently a part of the global insights team at Citi. Previous to working on the client, she gained industry experience at Hall & Partners and at MaPS.


Vanella Jackson
Vanella is the Global CEO of Hall & Partner and has been steering the company towards success in data and customer insights for the past decade. In addition to her leadership at H&P, Vanella is also a member of the United Kingdom’s Creative and Cultural Skills Advisory Panel, representing the advertising industry and IPA in their mission to attract greater diversity of talent. Vanella is also a board member of OPUS, a charity that promotes greater understanding of people in global society. Previous to working at H&P, Vanella spent 20 years working for some of the best advertising agencies.

Christine Walker Christine Walker
Christine Walker is Research Director at Alliance Strategic Research based in Melbourne, Australia. Christine is an experienced researcher who has worked for large market research firms as well as several global clients. In 2014, Christine ran a panel debate in Sydney on behalf of the Ginny Valentine Awards.
Kristin Luck
Based in the US, Kristin is a three-time successful entrepreneur who serves as a growth hacking and sales & marketing strategy consultant on behalf of brands, through her firm Kristin Luck Consulting. Prior to starting her growth hacking consultancy, Kristin was the co-founder and head of Operations & Strategy for OTX (acquired by Ipsos) and most recently served as President  & Chief Marketing Officer for Decipher, driving the firm to double digit growth annually before its acquisition in late 2014 by FocusVision. Kristin is passionate about gender equality. She founded the Women in Research (WiRe) global networking group and is a former Ginny Valentine Award winner for “Fearlessly Advocating Gender Equality.”

Now that you’ve met the judges, don’t forget to submit your nominations at www.ginnyvalentine.com by April 30th. We look forward to hearing about the courageous colleagues that exemplify the best of market research.

The Ginny Valentine Badge of Courage Awards will be held with the support of Greenbook, the Research Liberation Front, KL Communications and TNS.


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