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This year we would like to turn the spotlight
onto the creativity of research

We are providing a showcase for all the creativity and treasure that the world of research has produced. This is the work that gathers dust under desks or that you trip over when it’s leaning up next to the wall or something you felt was so good it deserves its share of the limelight. We’re talking work lovingly prepared by participants; collages, videos, mood boards, diaries etc., something put together by an agency, be it a hero chart, a slide from a presentation etc., or something produced by a client! Ultimately, we are looking for anything, nothing is too small, too big or too weird – we are raiding the industry for lost treasure as the RLF asks, is this ART?

In this vein, the RLF are setting up a gallery close to the location of the party (venue details below) at the end of the first day of the MRS conference on Tuesday 23rd March from 5pm until 7pm. We plan a viewing event that will be easy for any conference delegate (or anybody else for that matter) to attend.

So here’s the brief. We want leading research agencies and clients to submit a piece which they feel deserves to be considered as an artwork. We are approaching art professionals to review the works in the exhibition. And yes, there will be prizes awarded!


The Venue

The Cut Bar
Young Vic
66 The Cut
London SE1 8LZ
Link to map
Time: 5pm to 7pm

0207 928 4400
Office: 0207 922 2906

To get you thinking here are 3 types of material you
might want to consider submitting:

1. A piece of projective material by a single respondent or an aggregate from a group of them, which has emerged as part of a research project. You need to choose it not for the insights you extracted from it (and which you may not be at liberty to share), but because you feel it could be considered as an aesthetic object in its own right.

2. Something completely different, which may have been created by researchers themselves. It could be a part of the research design process, or a piece of stimulus material. It could be a photo or a painting. But it might be a sculpture or other sort of installation.

3. An example of multimedia, or film footage, from a mobile phone, or an animatic. Anything which has played a role in the research process in some way but which speaks much more widely.

Feel free to let your playfulness run free. The RLF isn’t remotely earnest. At the same time we want to pay tribute to participants and research professionals in a process that can work off profundity and beauty, which this exhibition will be celebrating!

All submissions need to be made by Wednesday March 17th. Please send submissions to: Abigail Hill, RLF, C/o Spring Research Ltd, Bedford House, 125-133 Camden High Street, London NW1 7JR

For questions or more details call John Griffiths 07740 125794

If any respondent permission is needed then this is the responsibility of the company making the submission. Any installation involving elaborate equipment such as projection would require the company submitting it to provide that equipment. The artwork will remain the property of the company who has submitted it, please label all your works of art clearly with your name and address. Judging will take place on the evening of the viewing – the judge’s decision is of course final!